The beginning of activity is 1990, when was founded POSW (trading company of recyclable materials), which was transformed in 2002 on ZŁOMREX Ltd. As a result of further development of the company and the acquisition of other entities, has been established Group ZŁOMREX.
The main strategy was the activity on the basis of established platforms:
– raw materials,
– production,
– distribution.

In 2009 the name was changed from ZŁOMREX SA on COGNOR SA and all the entities was integrated of the Group COGNOR.
ZŁOMREX METAL Ltd. started its activity in 2007, as an independent entity, taking over operations for trade in supplying raw materials to steel mills and foundries, belonging to the Group and other companies in the country and abroad.

Company’s headquarters are situated in Poraj near Czestochowa. The structure of company creates several branches with machinery and warehouses and the same points of purchase. Two commercial Offices, in Poraj and Wroclaw, are responsible for coordinate trading activities and support all the branches in their business actions.

For many years we specialize most of all in trade of steel scraps, nonferrous metal scraps and nonferrous metal products (from copper and copper alloy). We are an primary supplier of the raw materials to the polish and foreign steelworks.

A wide range, reliable, professional services and years of experience, contribute to company’s development.
Starting cooperation with us, you can be sure, that you gain
a stable and reliable partner.

We offer you of our competent and dedicated salesman. We wish You many success and satisfaction with mutual cooperation.


  • WALDEMAR MAREK – President of the Management Board
  • ZENON TOMALAK – Vice-President of the Management Board
  • AGNIESZKA MAZURKIEWICZ – Member of the Board

Supervisory Board

  • KRZYSZTOF ZOŁA Chairman of the Board
  • PRZEMYSŁAW SZTUCZKOWSKI – Member of the Board
  • PRZEMYSŁAW GRZESIAK – Member of the Board
  • DOMINIK BARSZCZ – Member of the Board